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    "Because I could watch you for a single minute and find a thousand things that I love about you." #lovequotes

    INFP If this isn't true I don't know what is. I have SUCH a hard time concentrating.

    mbti-unboxed: “ publius-virgilia-maro asked about this topic. Sensing and Intuition are different, but they work together. Someone with Intuition (N) can have an idea that will inspire someone with...

    Myers-Briggs Personality Types • Posts Tagged ‘infp’

    Thus is oh so very true!!! If I dont have anything to say, I wont talk! That doesnt mean I dont like to talk at all! get more only on freefacebookcover...

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    For my best friend and soulmate. Thank you for healing me. There was a reason that I had to ask for you, that only the universe understood. Thank you.

    More and more so this happens, I blame letting new people into my life. Too much extraneous thought.

    Totally INFP, never wanting to offend anybody because you don't want to regret it. total INFJ thing too because whatever we feel we feel it to the Nth degree, but don't always like to share what's on our minds

    "I prefer to sit back and take it in." "I love listening to others talk." This happens to me every day. Sometimes, not EVERYBODY has to participate. Sometimes, you need someone who can sit back and look around. And that's not weird. It's who they are comfortable being. Without listeners, who would ever be able to speak?

    10 Things INFPs Want From The Person... (Thought Catalogue)

    INFP Problems. I do this all the time & people must think I'm nuts. I find a lot of things really beautiful.

    INFPs are very aware of social injustice. They feel fulfilled when fighting for a cause.

    Hidden sides of MBTI types. Check out the ISTP one! It really is true!

    The Sixteen Types

    sylvia plath. I have been compared to her writing.... that makes me feel validated as a writer, but not so much as a living person.

    "I couldn't be fake about anything even if I tried. My facial expressions would never allow it." #true

    I will deduce and gauge your intentions. I will determine where you came from. I will measure your intelligence and/or educational background. I'll check out your hygiene. I will analyze your demographics and socioeconomic status. And I will come to my own damn conclusions.

    INFP - nice LONG article. 4.3% of pop. Sensitive, kind, original, complex. Like flexible expectations & procedures, creativity, work in line with their values. Help selves & others find & grow in their paths in life. Perceptive of the needs of others. Stressed by rigid environments or if values are violated. Self-critical. Time management - they DON'T like overstructured plans. Common careers: counseling, PSYCHIATRY, research, teaching, arts, religious work, writing.

    INFP fact #16. If I could spend the rest of my life locked in a massive library to study things like this I probably would.

    INFP Problems.. some people never notice that I want to keep them feeling happy and secure, that I want to help or to listen...

    10 secrets of the #INFP personality type. Masters of understanding emotion, creative expression, and emotional healers.