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Solo and Chewy

How to write a successful epic Story... Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter.. #starwars #harrypotter #lordoftherings.


star wars fans get it

7 Wonders of the World; And three are on Middle Earth. I'm a little sad that the TARDIS didn't make the list.

star wars

Then Elevensise

Pure badass

I don't get it...wait Hee Hee :)

The True Power of the Force- Not a huge Star Wars fan but this is just pure awesomeness.

Very true

Been pissed at Harry Potter for years. Takes it out in the Starks.

One does not simply believe that LOTR got most of its ideas from Harry Potter.

Some stories stay with us forever

18 Suggested Hashtags for "Lord of the Rings" - All of these are pretty funny XD

Harry Potter! haha

cross-section of ultimate nerd-dom

Sam's speech in "The Two Towers"

Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings: The Final Showdown @Jake Adams #Geek #Nerd #HarryPotter #LordoftheRings