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How to write a successful epic Story... Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter.. #starwars #harrypotter #lordoftherings.

And this one. | 37 Things Only "Star Wars" Fans Will Find Funny

star wars fans get it

Pretty cool

Back to the Future.... They actually predicted something! This is actually pretty disturbing...

The True Power of the Force- Not a huge Star Wars fan but this is just pure awesomeness.

Spain Wars // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Wonders of the world. I feel like 2 of the 3 LOTR ones should be the TARDIS and the Wall from GoT, that way more fandoms are covered.




These parallels between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings . | 33 Harry Potter Jokes Even Muggles Will Appreciate


You know this technically isn't a crossover. Hiccup and his family are Vikings. Thor, Loki, Odin etc. are Viking gods. So like all the bad luck on Hiccup could've been Loki messing around. XD

Harry Potter vs Star Wars

A long time ago, in a Marvel universe not so far away...

Harry potter anime characters… Fred and George look like Hikaru and Kauro