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unusual Romanov wedding tiara

Wheat sheaves are an ancient symbol of fertility, and have been used in the weddings of many cultures (especially Greece& because of this.

Heck, I'd wear it on the daily. ≫Every costume chest needs one of these!  Athena Grecian Leaf Headpiece in Raw Brass

ATHENA Grecian Leaf Headpiece in Raw Brass

hair hair style gold leaves leaf Laurel headband hair do laurel wreath laurel headband ( i want this so bad.

Dreaming about diamonds on New Years Eve!

Spanish Royal Jewels: The Prussian or Hellenic Tiara - 1913 by the German jeweler Koch. Currently owned by Queen Sofia of Spain given to her by her mother, Queen Frederica of Greece.

Habsburg Tiara, Austria (19th c.; diamonds). Tiara of Stéphanie of Belgium, Crown Princess of Austria and wife of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, Hungary and Bohemia.

Tiara of Crown Princess Stephanie of Austria. Love love love the fluer de lis. and that its a quarter crown.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark.  Ok, not British, but what an awesome head/hair adornment!

The Floral Aigrette Tiara, belonging to Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. I too want a tiara, nothing this splendid, but one to wear while I do housework to remind myself that even in my mundane, I am queen of my domain and oh so lucky at that!

Hessen Diamond Tiara

The Hesse diamond tiara was originally owned by Queen Victoria’s daughter Princess Alice who married the Grand Duke of Hesse. When her son Ernest Louis married his cousin Victoria Melita it returned to Great Britain.

Another three mystery 'possibles' attributed to Alexandra, a turquoise, opal and diamond floral.

"It's a TIARA" Tiaras purporting to have belonged to Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, wife to Nikolay II - the top with opals, the center with turquoise, and the bottom with diamonds.

Oak Leaf Tiara 1855, British, Made of diamonds. I really badly want to wear a tiara for a reenactment sometime :D

Diamond oak-leaf and acorn tiara, English, Hunt, London, about 1855 @ British Museum

Romanov Family Jewelry | Romanov diamond tiara.

Diamond Tiara - for my Tiara shelf :)

Alexandra Romanov : Tsarine de Russie.

The Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia June 1872 – July Before the Revolution, the Russian royal family lived surrounded by enormous wealth and luxury in enormous palaces.