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If you didn't like Draco, you read the wrong series. He never wanted to be a shadow of his father.

THANK YOU. I've known this for so long and it bugs me every time! someone else knows my pain!

though he was bad, nobody should be alone, ever. And it was his dad that made him do it

Best. Thing. Ever. Our two favorite movies brought together.

This hit me real hard. Right in the feels.

Draco malfoy hahahahahaa I cried I laughed so hard

"The moment when he became one of my favorite characters." I agree. He was just such a lost boy...

Books according to Draco Malfoy… --I love Draco, what a great character J.K. made for us to hate :)

He's grown up in a world where he was told what was "right" and what was "wrong". And now he's finding out that things aren't what he had thought they were, and he's in too deep. He's a bit of a coward in the end, but he isn't "bad" necessarily.

I HATE that. Not gonna lie. All you Loki loving fanchicks out there need to PIPE DOWN and realize that this guy is a VILLAIN. And he LIKES it!! He's not misunderstood. He's evil. Good day. <- Well, we'll just agree to disagree then. Good day to you too.

Harry Potter books according to Draco hahaha the last year is the best