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Important Fictional Ages; wasn't born a Jedi, didn't find a door to Narnia at age 8, when I turned 11 I didn't receive a letter from Hogwarts...Gandalf better be at my door when I'm 50 | Pokemon, Jedi, Disney princess, camp Half-Blood, Harry Potter, Divergent, Doctor Who | via The Nifty Nerd

from HalfBloodPrints

FIND MAGIC - Multi Fandom - Typography Poster - 13x19 inches

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No! Because then the future will be set in stone. It becomes a fixed point in time. Nothing good has ever come up trying to re-write a fixed point! You do NOT mess with the laws of time, else you risk the end of the world. It's too much trouble to borrow just because one is too lazy and impatient to live life and experience things as they come. Beware of spoilers!