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Printing Personalized Post-It Note Messages

by Jillee
Several months ago I discovered the surprising (to me!) fact that you can actually PRINT ON POST-IT NOTES using your own home printer. Recently I ran across a similar, but MUCH SIMPLER method for printing personalized messages on post-its, and I couldn’t wait to try (and share) the idea again. Kelly...
  • Dana Myers

    Bulletin board letters! Print them in any font of your choice instead of buying them at teacher supply stores! Easy way to switch out a bulletin board - no staples or double-sided tape!

  • Jenna Marable

    Use printer to print on post -it notes (sticky note math sign?)

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ONE MINUTE SCREENCAST: Watch a one minute video tutorial on Printing with Post Its. It was inspired by a Studio DIY blogger who used Post Its to display a Happy Anniversary message on a wall in her home to make the day a little more special. Applications for the classroom are endless!

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