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  • Jenna Price

    Best friends/ dance photography

  • Jenna Matheny

    Big sis kiss. so sweet!

  • Kirra Photography

    Childhood Photo Session Inspiration Idea Child Kid Daughter Son Girl Boy Family parents Outside Outdoors Field Country Paddock Park Reserve At Home Lifestyle Studio Sisters Cousins Friends Silhouette Kiss Hug Cuddle Grass Sky Tutu Skirt Dress Frilly Memory Capture Kirra Photography

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i'd take this picture...and when my daughters are in high school and always fighting i'd show them this and ask how come you guys can't get along anymore??

I'm in love with this photo. Reminds me of Emmie with Gavin when we brought him home from the hospital

Perfect timing... Halley Lynne via Kristin Walton onto A Little Randomness Never Hurt a Soul

Such an awesome photo. Can't beat the power of friendship or laughter.

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born ~Anais Nin

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drinking from the hose...i can't remember if we couldn't come inside or if we simply didn't want to come inside, or maybe both...but i know we drank from the hose and liked it.

Love, though I would not be happy if I were the parents that bought those expensive looking dresses to see them come home with mud and creek water. Oh well, the picture is amazing =)

Beautiful Whom do we trust for us and our children? Remember in December I asked about caramel color? Finally now at least 2 organizations are testing brown acidic liquid consumables for 4methylimidazole a known carcinogen (4MEI). Bev. Assoc. says 29 micrograms is safe/12 oz. A) who drinks 12 oz or less/day? B) 4MEI is cummulitive over a life time. Whom do you trust