Ten amazing ab workouts, about 3 min each! need to start doing these

Butt, inner and outer thigh workout. Lots of good workouts on here! I want her butt!

Three minute abs. Holy cow this woman knows what she's doing.

Great Ab Workout

Fitness is Sexy Workout: 4 exercises, 6 rounds

Bodyrock ab workouts

Body Rock no equipment workout (16 min)

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Body Rock! Try the 30 Day Challenge: only 7 to 12 minute workouts, 5 days a week: For those who are seriously trying to lose weight


Cardio workout with bonus butt and inner outer thighs

BodyRockTv Ab workouts

Intense 12 min ab exercises without equipment. Do this everyday. It's freaking legit

Ab workouts

The No-Equipment Workout: Workouts: Self.com : All you need is a wall to firm every square inch. So lose the equipment (and the excuses). Comment below and tell us where you did your no-equipment sweat sesh. #SELFmagazine

10 best exercises for 6 pack abs (just did the 1st one at work before looking at the rest and already decided to repin haha)"

Everyone wants lower abs. Here's our full list of the 14 most effective lower ab exercises EVER to tighten your belly, build a strong lower core, and carve out a deep v-cut.

amazing abs workout, 12 minutes. WHEW!