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Do the stuff that only you can do. Good advice for student writers.

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Mr. Feeny :)

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why doesnt Mr. Feeny live next door to me?

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Soooooo Sad


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Mr. Feeny is the best.

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This Is the ABSOLUTELY BEST Mr. Feeny Quote

Rory Gilmore

Gilmore Girls

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Rory advice. I can't remember her saying this but either way it is poignant.

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Well said.

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well said

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Powerful #Travel advice. Thanks for pinning, @Samantha Johnson!

BuzzFeedfrom BuzzFeed

15 Wonderful Quotes About Life From Children's Books

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15 Wonderful Quotes About Life From Children’s Books

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very true.

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Modern Hepburn

Tis True

Love this quote.

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Adventure is worthwhile.

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15 Katharine Hepburn Quotes Every Woman Should Live By

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15 Katherine Hepburn Quotes Every Woman Should Live By // via The Modern Marilyn Co. // #MMco #ModernMarilynCo #quotes #inspiration #quote #saying #mantra #inspiration #wisdom #KatherineHepburn

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Mona Moore


This witty wall art celebrates all the best things in life while adding a fun element to any space.

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oh, yes.