Strawberry Frosted Pink Lemonade Smoothie

20 Summer Smoothie Recipes

Lemonade with raspberry ice cubes. This would be great for a party; large quantities of lemonade, guests choose from raspberry, strawberry, peach, mango, etc. flavored cubes. YUM!!

Raspberry lemonade smoothies

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Strawberry lemonade

Vodka strawberry lemonade. BEST DRINK EVER!!!

Christmas tree made from plastic drink bottless. colors change as you move around the tree. [3-25-12] thirst-quenchers

Sarasota Lemonade - 2 bottles of moscato, 1 can frozen pink lemonade, sprite, raspberries.

YUM- in a blender 1 can frozen limeade, 1/2 can (the one that held the limeade) sprite, 2 cups frozen strawberries, and the pulp of two limes. Have to try this :)