The Scratch Map is a world map with a twist–simply scratch off the areas you've visited to mark your travels!

Postcard Pillow. the closest way to send a hug that I've ever seen. One pinner suggested this as a great deployment gift... (would just need to seal this so it doesn't get dirty)

Corkboard Map: Where you've been, where the significant other has been, and where you've gone together. At least, that's how I'd do it...


To travel the world together

travel map

DIY Scratch-Off Valentine Cards

every traveler i know needs to read this, especially girls

Italian-Wine-Regions-Map. Give your limited Italian wine knowledge the "boot" and become an expert, then visit for great choices

Map Map Map

Save maps, tickets, and pictures from abroad to create travel memories wall art DOING IT

"Lay a world map over 3 canvas, cut into 3 pieces. Coat each canvas with Mod Podge and wrap the maps around them. Let dry and hang on the wall. Then add pins to all the places you've been."

When NOT to visit Disney

Travel tips The only reason why I am repining this is so I make sure I DON'T offend someone in another country. again..... Yeah, my roommate @ BYU, It was her 3rd day back in the USA after being in Brasil for 18 months. She asked me something I gave her the OK sign and I thought she was going to faint! Apparently it means the same in France. :-(

It's a scarf that winds around your head - inside it has a cushion that allows you to rest your head against windows and the fabric cancels noise!....most amazing thing for trips

Travel to Ireland the Easy Way. Vintage Irish travel poster.

Invest in a travel clothes steamer. | 27 Things Every Woman Business Traveler Should Know