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    I'm laughing so hard it hurts.

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    Idek but this is beautiful

    Thomas Sanders Vine compilation 2014 (300 Vines)

    Talk about bad pick up lines XD

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    Oh, my gosh! xD

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    Excuse generator provides ready-made mitigating circumstances Never again be at a loss for words as you attempt to explain your lateness or absence. After all, you’re never usually like this, but the ghost of Margaret Thatcher hid your Trapper Keeper…

    Basically just the funnest dialect quiz ever.

    "Mexican Soap Opera Terrible Car Accident ANIMATED . greatness."

    Welsh people win at names.

    20 things women do...Some don't apply, but poop stalemate is hilarious & true!

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    If I were a cop, I'd be the one actually trying or the one laughing...probably the one laughing.

    Oh, my gosh..."Break - condensation". Like, they literally just picked random words to use.

    No fab for you! Fav gif right here.

    "French Comedy Routine VERY WELL DONE!" - SO funny!