Hatching and cross hatching drawing techniques head

hatching and cross-hatching techniques

Gothenberg Secondary School Students use a variety of modeling techniques to create spheres. Modeling techniques include gesture, random line, stippling, hatching, cross hatching, contour line, back-and-forth, side of pencil, and blending.


hatching/ cross hatching drawing lesson

Graphite Drawing Techniques head Instructional video

Cross hatching

cross hatch bear

cross hatching

Durer pen drawing of pillows detail. Great website explaining cross hatching technique

tutorial tutorial tutorial

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ink drawing techniques: cross hatching and stippling

JB and RS (Section 3) This image shows various examples of hatching and cross-hatching. As can be seen in these drawings, hatching creates tonal or shading effects by drawing parallel lines close to one another, while cross-hatching uses two layers of hatching to form a mesh-like pattern.

Line...cross hatching:)

Cities...good lesson for beginning perspective drawing

plaster head

shading techniques

Use hatching and cross hatching with graphite pencils

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