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hatching and cross-hatching techniques

Cross Hatching Worksheet

JB and RS (Section 3) This image shows various examples of hatching and cross-hatching. As can be seen in these drawings, hatching creates tonal or shading effects by drawing parallel lines close to one another, while cross-hatching uses two layers of hatching to form a mesh-like pattern.

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Durer pen drawing of pillows detail. Great website explaining cross hatching technique

Gothenberg Secondary School Students use a variety of modeling techniques to create spheres. Modeling techniques include gesture, random line, stippling, hatching, cross hatching, contour line, back-and-forth, side of pencil, and blending.

How to Draw with Colored Pencils - 3 Techniques -Repin This!

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nice cross hatching by door number 3

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great drawing technique - pen water

cross hatching and stippling examples and worksheet.

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