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Can't wait for the next dosage of Masterpiece Mystery, but mostly am on pins and needle for Sherlock season 2!! By the way, the guy who plays Watson is Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming "The Hobbit."

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Downton Abbey Season 2 on

or shows worth watching...if you're not addicted to Downton Abbey, start now!

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London gets star billing in new Sherlock Holmes series

I miss you Sherlock @Danielle Romero

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Random Inspiration #23

Disney told a better love story in 6 minutes with no dialogue at the beginning of a movie than most movies do in 2 hours.

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Horse Eating Apple 15 INCH MAC Laptop decal

Horse Eating Apple MAC Laptop decal by thelatestBuzz on Etsy

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Sherlock Holmes Offers a Clue on Personal Branding

BBC Sherlock

Check out some of the oddest collectibles inspired by Netflix's new hit show.