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  • Holly D

    How to get today's wifi password. . . This is EPIC parenting! Must remember this for the future.

  • Nora Miller

    Parenting win, Want todays wifi password? Make your bed, vacuum, walk the dog. Great idea!

  • Anna Patterson

    wifi password discipline, great idea! I'm going to have to remember this when my daughters get older!!

  • Jennifer Henrikson

    Motivate teens and tweens to do their chores! Use the guest password option to set a daily wifi password for them to earn - if they want FB and Netflix on the iPod and nook... They will do their chores!! Not a prob yet. But good idea for the future.

  • Jasmine Flores

    Parenting Done Right. Great idea for the future

  • Lisa Wease

    Love this!Parenting - Like A Boss! Need to remember this for down the road.

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oh my gosh best idea ever dylans always throwin his cup on the floor! Suction sippy strap, I can imagine all moms needing this at one point or another. Would have loved to have known this YEARS ago!! I am pinning this for my precious friends who have or will have babies in the future!!

We did a much lamer version of this... only on paper, on the fridge... it's a good idea though!

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Must remember to use this the next time Austin decides to act a fool!