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I was just recently reminded of the Ark II TV show! I remember watching this quite a bit on Saturday mornings in the 70's! Best of all, it had a real jetpack!

Time for Timer Hanker for a hunk of cheese I still sing these songs to my kids "Don't drown your food."

Ark II (1976)- Ark vehicle. It's still not up to God's standards for an earth wide flood.

Meet George Jetsons; his son Leroy, Jane his Wife, Daughter Judy ...Astro the dog, Rosie the robot maid and Mr Spacely and the sprocket factory.

Saturday Morning Cartoons. A joy my kids will never experience.

1976 ABC Saturday Mornings - TV Guide line-up ad - I remember a lot of these shows except not the Soupy Sales one leading into Bandstand.

The best Saturday morning shows!!! CBC Saturday morning cartoons ad, 1981 by kerrytoonz, via Flickr

How many cartoons can you name? Brings back lot of good memories. Enlarge to view

Heckle & Jeckle - A pair of cocky, identical black-feathered magpies created by Paul Terry who starred in a number of theatrically released Terrytoons cartoons which later appeared on the television programs HECKLE AND JECKLE SHOW/SYN/1955 and THE NEW ADVENTURES OF MIGHTY MOUSE AND HECKLE AND JECKLE/CBS/1979. Heckle and Jeckle spent most of their time playing gags and harassing the characters in their cartoons especially a none-to-bright bulldog named Dimwit.

saturday morning cartoons | One of my favorite Saturday Morning cartoons!

1976 CBS Saturday Morning Cartoons Advertisement, in Comic Books, Featuring: Sylvester and Tweety, Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Tarzan, Shazam, Isis, Ark II, Clue Club, Fat Albert and Cosby Kids, Way Out Games, and CBS Children's Film Festival