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    I feel like JTT has been coming up in so many of my conversations lately. And I'm OK with that.

    No, really.

    Not nerdy. Awesome.

    100 things to ask that girl Siri





    Audible Laughter Posers

    I wish!

    I'd date you so hard, then marry the shit out of you.

    "I Don't Know You Bro!!" | Running Game Clothing

    ...and if that doesn't work, you know the drill: Awkward Turtle... Swim Away!

    Oh boy...

    Word up, download the AutoRap app, but only if you want to rap caucasinally like myself.

    I forgot why I was pinning this...

    I prefer men who don't compose messages like junior high girls.

    If a guy wont give [Texas] Country Music a chance, then he doesn't get a chance with me! Simple as that. :)

    Sorry I'm not sorry I love football, pre-season's just the beginning!


    My tummy's still on Texas Time - always ready for lunch by 10AM

    Well played, indeed!