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  • Tonia Davis-Evans

    Cardboard Tube Party Poppers This idea has endless can make these to fit ANY party theme!! You will need: TP tubes Tissue paper Wrapping paper Scissors Tape Ribbon Small trinkets, candy, notes etc.... Cut tissue paper large enough to go around roll and hang over edges about 2 in. Cut wrapping paper in the same manner, but only let hang over about 1 1/2 in to 1 3/4 in. Next, cut TP roll in half. Place two halves of roll back together as if you hadn't cut them. Wrap tissue paper around tube and tape. Do the same with the wrapping paper, centering in the middle of the tissue paper. Fill with toys, candy etc.... Take lengths of ribbon and GENTLY tie around ends of paper. DO NOT pull too tightly as it will rip your paper. Curl ribbon and fringe ends of paper. To open popper the recipient needs only to hold the ends and "pop" open!!!!!

  • Carmen Sandusky Kipp

    10 Ways to Reuse Paper Rolls. Fun! A great tip...use wrapping paper rolls to wrap your Christmas lights around. Put a slash in each end to secure the ends of the lights. I do this every year and never fight tangled lights :)

  • Beatriz Levy

    The Grocery Cart Challenge: 10 Ways To Reuse It: Paper Rolls

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