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  • Scott Wolfe

    Mac Slavo If you have ever questioned the official narrative for the September 11th attacks then you have, without a doubt, been dubbed a conspiracy nut by the establishment media and those who hang on their every word. Like the Warren Commission report on the JFK assassination, the 9/11 Report assembled by a Congressional investigation is unraveling and being revealed for what it really is – nothing more than a cover story. This is no longer a conspiracy theory… it’s conspiracy fact. The New Y…


    On September 11, Al Qaida terrorists fly jet aircraft into the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, killing around 3,000 people. The US launch against the Taliban in Afghanistan. The Act of the War on Terrorism is signed by President Bush

  • Beth Young

    A photo taken on September 11, 2001 by the New York City Police Department as the North Tower collapses, engulfing lower Manhattan in smoke and ash.

  • Carolyn Attaway

    A sad but powerful image #September11

  • Adam Jones

    Smoke sweeps through New York City after the Twin Towers collapse

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9/11 - NEVER FORGET (If the smoke plume were some kind of fluffy plant in a vase, this would be amazing, instead of deadly & heart-stopping.)

9/11/2001 ~ Never Forget!! The Ash, Dust, Debris, and Devastation Left When The North and South Towers Collapsed.

Well, I've been before, but, in my opinion the most beautiful city skyline there is.

9/11 North Tower #WorldTradeCenter Twin Towers (Two of the 4 Targets of #911) Remembering and Honoring the Heroes of 9-11-2001

~` ground zero 9/11/11 new york city `~ proud of it makes you feel good to see we canrise from the ashes

fly to new york, for the first time ever, to visit the One World Trade Center

September 11, 2001 Ground Zero \ 2,606 people were killed at the World Trade Center; 60 passengers & 5 hijackers on United Flight 175; 87 passengers and 5 hijackers on American Flight 11.