Were you a child once? I thought so. Remember these? These oldies but goodies are old school games for children. No video games here...

10 Ways to prepare your child for pre-school.

Activities to help kids unwind after school - love these!!

Sweet! Do it at the end of each school year starting with kindergarten.

Back to School Traditions to Start with Your Family. I love these things and the ideas in the comments. The picture and handwritten memories each year are my favs.

No video games for me..

I LOVE this!!

First Day of School Picture - Kindergarten Favorites - each yrs but all the likes on the back of the picture.

20 End of School Celebrations and Traditions

Grandma Camp - great ideas on things the kids and grandparents can do together!

Elbows Off the Table, Napkin in the Lap, No Video Games During Dinner: The Modern Guide to Teaching Children Good Manners by Carol McD. Wallace. $17.72. Author: Carol McD. Wallace. Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin; 1st trade paper printing edition (January 15, 1996). Publication: January 15, 1996

REALISTIC Ways to Make the First Day of School Special! (Ideas even a BUSY mom can do!!)

I used to love this when I was little! I hope it still entertains kids these days!

Just in time for Grandparents Day! All About Grandma - A Children's Interview. Not free, but a sweet idea and the younger the kid is, the funnier the answers!!

How to Love a Child

I do this every year with the picture I use for our Christmas card. We live these ornaments & Grandma lives them too.

Gift For Grandma, Mothers Day, Grandparents Gift, Mom, Grandmother, Grandpa, Grandfather, Fathers Day, Personalized Picture Frame 16x16

Printable packets for teaching your toddler at home.

Need a child's craft idea? This is your website.

Blow Q-tips through straws in this simple blow dart game.

doorway puppet theater.