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Were you a child once? I thought so. Remember these? These oldies but goodies are old school games for children. No video games here...

Pint-sized Treasuresfrom Pint-sized Treasures

Games My Kids Are Not Allowed to Play

my kids can't play these games

i like the idea of using clothes pins with a chore written on one side and then the words 'done' on the other side for kids to flip to the other side when they've finished a task

Great article on the Problem of Entitlement...this is a common problem for many #Parents #Parenting @Maria Luce

What Do We Do All Dayfrom What Do We Do All Day

50+ Top Kid Activities of 2014

The top kids activities chosen by parents over the last year. Great variety of ideas to keep kids busy.

Kids Activities Blogfrom Kids Activities Blog

Homemade Games

lots of different homemade games for the kids to make

50 old fashioned games for kids (indoor, outdoor, no electronics). A great reminder--forgot about some of these!

Hands On As We Growfrom Hands On As We Grow

Chore List with Dominoes & Numbers

Get kids excited about doing chores around the house with a Domino drawing chore list!

Parenting Your Strong-Willed Child. Awesome advice. I love how it explains why you need to do certain things, and the child's perception of disagreements. Need to read this.

Inner Child Funfrom Inner Child Fun

Activities for Unwinding After School

Activities to help kids unwind after school - love these!!

Your Modern Familyfrom Your Modern Family

Age Appropriate Chores ages 2-7

List of chores by age and how to SIMPLY organize them w/o a chore chart. (easy for kids & parents)... note cards in a basket that they pick from. One a day in addition to daily responsibilities, 2 on weekends, more for punishments.

YouTube for Kids. This is a MUST READ for any parent!! Kids love watching funny videos on YouTube, but they can easily venture into the UNKNOWN. Step by stop instructions on how to turn on YouTube SafeSearch. It should only take 10 minutes!


Forever fashionable: Princess Diana's style legacy lives on

I love this--Why kids lie, and 7 ways to get them to tell the truth. This is really good and helpful, must remember this often!!