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Handmade Timeline Accordian Books

family timeline (composers)

Great Social Studies "where do I live" activity! I laminated the cards so students can do this as a daily practice by using dry erase markers to write and erase their personal information.

Why We Read Nonfiction~ Students use this layered flip chart identify different text structures. Beneath each one, students add examples from teacher or self-selected text. Great, adaptable idea from Life is Better Messy Anyway!

Informational text features demonstrated with great visual appeal. A great activity for your interactive notebook or writing class.

combination timeline/ biography of explorers. This foldable could be used for presidents, inventors,civil rights leaders or movements...

Help students learn about the features of nonfiction and compare those features to fictional texts that they are more familiar with. They fill out this sheet each time they read a nonfiction story and it helps them see trends in nonfiction.

Grammar foldable that holds notes about the characteristics of the four sentence types. We add this to the Toolbox section of our notebooks.

Creekside Learningfrom Creekside Learning

Our Version of Me-On-The-Map

Social Studies