Pink Chilean bell flower

Fuchsia Blue Eyes



Fuschia Flower. There are so many varieties to choose from but the truth is that they are all intricately coloured and shaped. Just close your eyes and pick one, or two.. mmm maybe that one too.

pink bleeding hearts

Fuchsia 'Happy Wedding Day'

Lovely Lilacs & Blossoms, all white and silver <3

Verbena 'Pink Twister'

Pink Lupines

Protea 'Pink Mink' flower

Waterfall Begonia 'Victoria Pink'

'Garden News’ Fuchsia


FESTIVA MAXIMA, 1851 The most famous peony of all, ‘Festiva Maxima’ has been a standard of excellence since Hovey’s of Boston first offered it here in 1852. Its big, sparkling white flowers are improved by a few dribbles of crimson, its stems are strong, and it blooms reliably even in the South.

Beautiful pink flower - Colour inspiration for Latch Farm Studios www.latchfarmstudios.co.uk


Pink poppies were added to the path that leads to our backyard...