Sticky Spider Webs aka Cotton Candy

Turn normal chocolate chip cookies into creepy crawly Halloween treats simply by using a toothpick to drag out the spider legs while the chocolate is still warm - easy for kids to do too!

cute lollipop spiders

witches feet on table legs!! halloween.

I love this. Great for Halloween parties

Cotton Candy Halloween Spider Webs.

Halloween food

Cute for Halloween Party

Halloween Ghost Peep S'mores- what a fun treat bag! cute for passing out at school.

Halloween Cookies - Spider Infested Chocolate Chip Cookies

Red Ribbon Week--Don't get caught in a web of drugs...or something like that.

Let them know you're out of treats! FREE Printable #halloween

Halloween party ideas.

Spiderweb Costume: Surround yourself in a shawl of spiders. Weave your web with a roll of white or ivory cheesecloth. Unroll the cheesecloth and spread it out, pulling apart and snipping the ends to achieve the desired distressed appearance. Secure plastic spiders, by applying a small dab of hot glue to each, and pressing onto cheesecloth.

Scary! Spiders & Web

I would change out the creepy black candle for a bright orange one :-)

ickkyy Holy crap!

So cute for Halloween.

How to make Halloween treats for kids. Could adapt for Valentine's day.