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ChildFund’s Zambian office recently celebrated two important anniversaries, the national office’s 30th and ChildFund’s 75th, with an event for children, community members and local and national leaders.

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To commemorate ChildFund’s 75th anniversary, we invited the leaders of each of the 12 ChildFund Alliance member groups to reflect on the past and future of their own organizations and the Alliance. Today, we hear from #Denmark.

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What We Think About This Issue And What Is True Are 2 Different Things

Surprising results of American's beliefs about #ChildLabor.

ChildFund and Mozambique’s #health department have partnered to bring basic health services and knowledge to #children and families. Julio Domingos, a #community leader, explains how this #partnership is beneficial.

After moving to Egypt, our family cat Maddie escaped, and we made a drastic effort to find her, even translating some flyers to Arabic and asking guards for help. The guards looked at us oddly when they realized what we were asking. Why? I had offered about 150 dollars for Maddie, almost a month’s salary for a guard. How would you feel if you saw the equivalent amount, maybe 1,000 dollars on a sign in your neighborhood for a missing cat? We later found her...READ MORE

In our 75-post series in honor of ChildFund’s 75th #anniversary, we’re talking with several of our national directors who oversee operations in the countries where we work in #Africa, the Americas and Asia. Rukhsana Ayyub, national director for our U.S. Program, has been with ChildFund since March 2010 and is based in #Memphis, Tenn.

The good news: the number of child labourers has fallen by a third since 2000. The bad news: 168 million boys and girls are still losing their childhoods by being forced to toil all day in adult jobs - AND, over half of them are in hazardous work. #notochildlabour! Video: Info:

A school wall is decorated with children’s handprints in the town of Bazzama, Cameroon. The school serves local children and refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR). Over 100,000 refugees and asylum-seekers from 30 countries are living in Cameroon, including 80,000 who have fled insecurity and recurrent armed conflict in CAR. 2009

Girls’ education is the single most powerful investment for development. It fights poverty, inequality, and discrimination. And, the children born to educated women are healthier and survive at better rates. The more girls we can get in school, the better the results! We’re talking about new ways to do this on #dayofthegirl, 11 October at 9am EST. Join us!

by Not For Sale organization which fights human trafficking and modern-day slavery around the world. The ads effectively delivers its message through child written bright note and contracting strong meaning. #nonprofits #charities #advertising #notforsale #humantraffiking

.Literacy is at the heart of basic education for all, and essential for eradicating poverty, reducing child mortality, curbing population growth, achieving gender equality and ensuring sustainable development, peace and democracy. That's why Sunday is International Literacy Day!

In our 75-post series in honor of ChildFund’s 75th anniversary, we’re talking with several of our national directors who oversee operations in the countries where we work in Africa, the Americas and Asia. Today, we hear from Guru Naik of Indonesia.