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Zodiac Bracelet By Jen's Pirate Booty / Nasty Gal

Vintage 925 Sterling Silver flowers and leaf design size 8 and half and 7 available Stunning on Etsy, $80.00

This is my #1 want!!! Mermaid Twins Sparkling Treasure by saltrundesigns on Etsy, $30.00

... still a pisces girl at heart

Vintage Zodiac Cameo Ring - Pisces

So many people has told me: you are a quiet one, but when you speak, you nail it.

This is really true! Sometimes I second guess myself and always end up having been right with my opinion in the beginning!

hello!!! i must have said this at least a dozen times the past few weeks! sheesh, scary accurate...

Creative genius... that is actually one of my nicknames I occasionally get at school! (Occasionally being the teacher's assistant...) How I love being a #pisces