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The only butt workout you'll ever need.

Tone Your Legs in 7 Days - Tone Your Legs in 7 Days - Your week-long action plan for short-skirt ready legs: Tone them with these easy workouts that exercise your calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes and inner thighs

This workout focuses on the abs and the glutes. It will tone and sculpt these two areas in 20 minutes!

No equipment? No worries. This Fat Burning & Leg Workout Challenge can be done at home or at the gym

Day 24: Booty Sculpting Leg Workout | #LGKickStartFit Health & Fitness Challenge by

Katrina's Favorite! It's your Spankin' Booty Workout from

Here’s another glute-focused workout to make your booty the best it can be!

Try the FLAMINGO CABLE ROW exercise to work your core, legs and glutes and tone your whole body

Glutes Workout: [3 sets, 60 sec. rest between circuits, no rest bet. exercises) 1. 8 X Wide Stance Barbell Squat 2. 15 X per Leg Single Leg DB Romanian Deadlift 3. 15 X per leg Lateral Step-Up with 3 second dorsiflex hold at top 4. 15 X per Leg Single Leg weighted Glute Bridge

Two Glute-targeting Moves - With Ankle Weight and Cable