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Oh my goodness. This Great Dane is so adorable! More Great Danes, Today Puppys, Puppys Dogs Eye, Cutest Dogs, The Faces, Puppys Faces, Funny Animal, Dogs Behavior, Big Dogs puppy face Puppy dog eyes Dogs might not seem as mysterious as cats, but canines do have their fair share of behaviors that are truly baffling. As humans, it’s hard for us to make sense of many canine body language and social cues. A dog’s desire to sniff butts, hump legs and chase his own tail just doesn’t translate. To help you better understand your dog’s odd habits, we rounded up 10 dog behaviors that people commonly consider mysterious. Great Dane! Love the face!! :0) big dogs What a face, cutest dog Great Dane Puppy Check more at

Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff. My heart is being swayed away from the Great Dane I've always wanted!!