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    Slippery Elm for Babies

    by Ellen Douglas
    The powdered herb known as slippery elm boasts a long tradition in herbal medicine for both children and adults, especially in Native American healing. Once moistened, slippery elm's unique gel-like properties makes it soothing for internal complaints as well as for skin conditions. Slippery elm is ...
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    So beautiful. Must remember to do this when I catch my next rainbow.

    You can add anything to your baby registry with BabyList. Literally anything - even Etsy items, baby sitting, or an aquarium/zoo membership! It's easy, beautiful & free. BabyList works just like Pinterest. Simple enough for the grandparents-to-be too.

    peaceful parenting: Sleep Training: A Review of Research - list of resources for research-based information on infant sleep, night time parenting, baby crying, need for nourishment and comfort at night, and physiological body and brain responses to 'controlled crying,' 'cry it out,' or 'sleep training' methods. | Dr Momma Org

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    Must try these baby massages, apparently it puts children into such a good sleep!

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    Looking at Your Newborn: What's Normal (direct mention of females having "mini-period."

    Ring sling newborn carry - my new favorite hold

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    Interesting. Ideas for using a woven wrap for support during pregnancy, to aid in labor, and to wrap the belly postpartum.

    Mother Roasting gift (oil, herbs, belly binding....)

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