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Occupy Mordor because one ring should not be allowed to rule them all

Occupy Mordor.


Meanwhile at the fashion show in Mordor...

Geek vs. Hipster: The Infographic

Travel to Mordor...

"I am King Geek!"


haha sad @Kyler Spickler

Science ftw!


I wish I could have used this excuse...

I'm over this whole adult thing.

So true

"Aragorn speaks the truth."

Original pinner said "Example of gender bias in cosplay." I say nerd-girls: 1 misogynistic nerd-boy: 0 WHO NEEDS TO SHOW THEIR GEEK CRED NOW????

People are allowed to like *some* elements of a culture. In fact, this happens all the time! Getting mad at women for liking what is considered a 'superficial' part of nerd culture but ignoring the fact that men also enjoy 'superficial' parts of other cultures as well? Oops! Your sexism is showing, again.

Honest company slogans

Wil Wheaton explains why being a nerd is awesome… words to live by

woman dictionary: "Fine"

My future husband is among them