• Emily Newville

    Real Family! This is a awesome quote

  • Sarah Kibler

    family. friends. love

  • DreamLiveShine

    yes not the ones who love to talk about you behind your back, make up bullshit lies to make you look like a bad person, it is the people who just love you and are there for you .... I have more friends that are my family than my own family, and I feel so blessed for my children to know these wonderful people!!! not the nasty ignorant ones!!!!'- Ant

  • Terri Bernhardt

    Lucky to have real family and 'chosen family' that I love so much : )

  • Micah Fincher

    TRUE Family isn't about blood...

  • Paris Mickelson

    This is my life!! I love this quote!

  • Kro Morales

    Yeah, best friends are family too

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