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Love the Dutch doors and the stone surrounding door and on the floor! I really love this space!

Love the beams and the low slope grade of the cathedral ceiling. A lot of vaulted spaces become too tall, creating a drafty vulnerable feeling space that no one really wants to sit in.

I've seen these Dutch doors used for a child's room or play room. Kind of like a baby gate so you can keep them from crawling all over the house but still be able to hear them playing.

I love everything about this little side room: the dutch doors, the horse shoe over the door, the dog (except in my case it would have to be a black lab mix) laying on the rug, the counter with the curtains below, the light fixture, the barn door cabinets to the right (at least that's what I think they are?)...just adorable ♥

This door is great - keep the little ones and dogs safe inside, but still let the summer breeze in...

I would love a Dutch door - get rid is sliding glass door in master and have smaller door line this out to backyard...

Oh so perfect for my dog. heirloom philosophy: The Language of Doors. Part I