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Left Brain - Right Brain

Left Brain - Right Brain - A good visual for students to see how different you can be from each other, and differences between the left & right sides of the brain.

PositiveMedfrom PositiveMed

Ego vs Soul

Happiness is found in the "True Self" ~ when we can take the Focus off of 'me, me, me' ...then we can Turn our Focus on Others. GIVING of Oneself TO OTHERS... THIS is True Happiness!!

curlyboofrom curlyboo

Aubrey Organics White Camellia Ultra Smoothing Conditioner

Fact: something is not a fact just because you write the word 'fact' after it. However, there is some truth to this.


"I don't have time to hate the people who hate me because I'm busy loving the people who love me" <3


This is so true for me, which I suppose places me pretty firmly in F territory, but my fact-checking nearly always confirms my gut feeling. So I rely on it. It may be more the N that does this. Powerful intuition.


I've changed and I became a cold heartless bitch because of you MF!!!!


Maybe the reason that I don't talk to you is because every time you open your mouth it's sarcastic and insulting and you're a terrible person, I want to be around nice people who dream and support like the quote says. Aka: not you. I'm not about to waste my time on anyone who radiates any negativity. If you don't like that or me, that's fine. Go ahead and waste time gossiping about me instead of spending it being a dreamer. You're wasting your life not mine bitch :)