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    When I saw this image, I immediately thought of Genishi’s and Dyson’s Children, Language, and Literacy. Under NCLB, schools are more accountable for how their students perform on tests. As a result, greater emphasis is placed on scores, especially in the areas of reading and math. As discussed in the first chapter, classroom curricula has become homogeneous due to the pressures associated with school accountability. This uniformity is a huge problem since children are so diverse. They all come from different environments, and they have unique experiences. Attempting to standardize students and their language for the purpose of test scores is wrong. When teaching language and literacy, it is extremely important to respect students’ uniqueness and appreciate their varied languages and ways of communicating. With this being said, teachers should not “constrict” their students’ language; instead, the goal should be to “expand” it. If this becomes the objective, then teachers will shift their focus from rigid benchmarks to rich literacy education.

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    Some schools, especially in low-income communities where kids had traditionally struggled, became math and language-arts bootcamps. Science, history, and the arts became a luxury school officials felt they could no longer afford. Teachers, whose jobs depended on getting more kids to pass standardized tests, tended to focus students “on the bubble.” Soon enough, cheating scandals took root in major districts.

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