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    Sarah Bauer, of Loveland, Colorado, made this pegboard for her kids.

    Cut colored paper into circles to fit a muffin tin, then give your child a pair of tweezers and color-coordinated pom-poms and ask her to place the puffs into the corresponding cups using the tweezers.

    Play Beat the Clock: How many coins can your child get in in 60 seconds?

    Drawing liquid into an eyedropper by squeezing its vacuum bulb, then releasing it one drop at a time, isolates the fingers used to hold a pencil, making this an excellent pre-writing exercise.

    Make your own board game with a 12"x 12" foam-core board that's at least 1/2-inch thick (available at art-supply stores), golf tees, and marbles in two colors.

    Set a colander upside down on the floor (or on an older kid's lap) and watch your child try to fill each hole with a colored pipe cleaner.

    Let your child construct a sweet masterpiece: All you need are marshmallows and plastic straws cut in different sizes.

    Suggest your child build towers with pasta, adjusting according to his nimbleness.

    Transform cardboard tubes into a marionette; the ears are snipped from half a tube.

    Mix and match colors to make stylish accessories that kids will love to trade with their friends.

    Kids will love winding colorful yarn to create these fluffy pom-poms.

    With our easy recipe, you can make sidewalk chalk in fun shapes using ice pop or silicone baking molds.

    Got egg cartons? Turn them into these forest-animal finger puppets.

    Try our modern take on classic pasta jewelry for a craft your kids will love.

    With our easy recipe, you can make sidewalk chalk in fun shapes using ice pop or silicone molds.

    Learn how to take newspaper and transform it into a cute cat.

    You can make these adorable bugs with just a button, wire, and some googly eyes.

    This lovable giraffe craft can stand up all on its own thanks to sturdy clothespin legs

    Feeling crabby? Perk up with this fun crab hat craft made from a paper bowl and clothespin claws!

    Whip up these felt foods in a flash so you're little short-order chefs can mix and match to build the perfect sandwich -- no sewing required!

    C-U-T-E! Follow this video tutorial to learn how to make these springy pom-pom bunnies with your kids.

    Turn an empty tissue box into this too-cute piggy bank and get your kids into the habit of saving with this cool and easy #craft.

    Watch: You can make these adorable pom-pom friends in just a few simple steps!

    Before you recycle that old cardboard box, let your child have little fun turning them into one of these creative #crafts.

    A few pom poms, chenille stems, and some ribbon are all you need to make these cute little bunny friends. Click to to see full step-by-step instructions!