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Coax kids into the bath with these fun bath crayons! Ask your kids to leave you a special message before they get out of the bath. Click above to buy the 6-pack.

Toddlers will get a walking assist from this friendly zebra scooter. Light-up buttons also teach about animals, places, and colors! Click above to buy this fun toy.

Sure, the new "Planes" movie comes out soon, but we have a soft spot for "Cars." You too? Treat your kid to this fun Lightning McQueen riding toy. Click above to buy one.

What a fun lunch buddy! This small zebra backpack tote holds snacks, lunches, and drinks. Click above to buy one.

Goofy comparisons, great #Disney characters, unforgettable family fun…what more could you ask for?! Click above to buy the Apples to Apples #game.

When it comes to cabin fever cures, they don’t come much more fun than #LEGO! Click above to buy this colorful movie-inspired building set.

Fun! This magnetic toy teaches kids about shapes and beginning geometry skills. Click above to buy one!

Whether she's camping out in the wilderness or in your bedroom, kids will sleep comfortably on this sturdy, portable cot. Click above to buy one.