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#UofSC. Photo by stephanielynorr: http://instagram.com/p/g3t_Geh9jM/

The UofSC.

No Limits to the #UofSC Horseshoe's beauty.

The #UofSC School of Music at night. "@time4astory: #UofSC" See more #UofSC photos here: http://bit.ly/1dVKHSx.

Our iconic #UofSC Horseshoe. Photo by brkfastattarget: http://instagram.com/p/gv2OdzIdhY/

Sun shining through the trees onto the #UofSC Horseshoe. Photo by HabloSafo: http://instagram.com/p/g6VaAtwH64/

Warm fall colors on the #UofSC Horseshoe. Photo by CJLake: http://instagram.com/p/goMTurtIrn/

B.Y.O.H. Bring your own hammock. #UofSC #Horseshoe

The fountain in front of Thomas Cooper Library serves as an icon to the University of South Carolina's campus. "@itstimtobegin: Just another day in paradise #UofSC" See more #UofSC photos here: http://bit.ly/1dVKHSx.

Leaves cover the bricks on the #UofSC Horseshoe. Photo by erroltisdale: http://instagram.com/p/g3XmhtKYEE/

Some of the many beautiful flowers around the #UofSC campus.

This weekend this view will be full of #UofSC students.

Beautiful everyday scenery for #UofSC students walking to class. Photo by maegan_g: http://instagram.com/p/g3hBZGoujG/

Thomas Cooper Library at the University of South Carolina. "@Kelsey Myers Myers Myers Woods: Am I allowed to miss living on campus? Because I do. #UofSC" See more #UofSC photos here: http://bit.ly/1dVKHSx.

Sorority recruitment style tips Will definitely need this for college. :)

Hosta bloom in front of the UofSC President's Houses.

Ventress Hall ~ Ole Miss Campus, Oxford, MS. Named after my great grandfather James Alexander Ventress, Sr.

South Carolina

Bryant Hall, Ole Miss - I would literally pick my classes based on if they were held in this building or not :)

Gamma Phi loves the Gamecock's!