Throwback Thursday: The official souvenir program of the 1923 @Megan Daley Athletics football season.

Keep calm and stay cocky @Megan Ward Ward Daley Athletics @Mitchell Pavao Pavao Weinstein of South Carolina #gamecocks @Aaron Kapor Hensen Colors

Throwback Thursday: USC Libraries is now home to a collection of more than 5,000 images, plus correspondence, sketchbooks, and even early elementary-school artwork by The State newspaper’s first staff artist, Oscar Jackson “Jak” Smyrl. This is his depiction of the Big Thursday showdown as it appeared on the cover of The State Magazine on October 15, 1950. Click to read more about the Smyrl collection.

Throwback Thursday: A photo of the Coquettes from the 1960 Garnet and Black yearbook.

Throwback Thursday: An illustration from the 1974 edition of the Garnet and Black yearbook.

Throwback Thursday: In 1967, the University of South Carolina adopted the now widely recognized Gamecock emblem.

Throwback Thursday: The first president's house at the University of South Carolina, circa 1900, and the president's house today. Top photo from the USC Archives.

Throwback Thursday: USC students had their first all night cram sessions in Thomas Cooper when the undergraduate library opened in 1960. T. Coop, as students call it, is named for the university’s second president and there are few that haven’t spent the majority of exam week inside its walls. Photo from the USC Archives

South Carolina Gamecocks :) So ready for football season!!!

Love it..

Tennessee v LSU Tigers Vintage Official 1959 Football College Program Poster (But the uniforms are from an earlier time)

football season

love you more than college football...if that were possible.

1964 Georgia Tech - Auburn Football Game Program


NFL Heritage Series CINCINNATI BENGALS Retro Logo c.1968 Official NFL Football Team Poster

Florida Gators Football 1931 Vintage Program Poster

so ready for football season!

1951 Michigan State vs Ohio State Vintage Football Program #MSUvsOSU #OSUvsMSU #BuckeyeNation #Spartans #GoBucks