What you're looking at was once a fully functional Canon EOS 1000D, now merely a relic of the sea (the Pacific Ocean, to be exact), which was recently posted on Google+. User Marcus Thompson, found the DSLR washed up near a wharf while on a diving job in Deep Bay British Columbia, Canada and decided to take it home to find out what could be salvaged. After removing and cleaning the SanDisk Extreme III SD card inside of it, he was successfully able to recover about 50 photos with EXIF data fr...


Not a vintage camera, but I love the photo.

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Clip & Snap a set of 3 clear image lens for your Smart Phone 1. Wide Angle Lens, 2. Macro closeup lens & 3. Fish Eye pop out lens. Each lens will screw on the Clip as needed that attaches to your phone quickly. It will also work with phones/ tablets that have camera in the middle on the top. You do not need to remove your case to use this lens. Comes with lens cap and storage pouch. Available in 6 colors Silver , Black ,Red , Purple , Blue and Golden.

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