Grilled cheese & Avocado...YUM!  Would replace the pepperoni with tomato.

Grilled Cheese, Avocado, fresh Mozzarella and a thin layer of Pepperoni. I make a pepperoni & grilled cheese sandwich with spinach. I've never tried avocado. Will have to add that in the rotation!

Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Avocado!!

Grilled Cheese with Bacon and Avocado! The BEST Grilled Cheese EVER! I used moms homemade pimento cheese, it was delis!

Tomato And Avocado Grilled Cheese...perfect!  Made this tonight...loved it! A great compliment to tomato soup.

Tomato and Avocado Grilled Cheese. I love tomato grilled cheese sandwiches, but never tried it with avocado.

Grilled Cheese with a Secret Ingredient!  Oh MY WORD!  Now I see why Tom & Chee is so popular!!!!!!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a secret ingredient

Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever: The secret step/ingredient - after buttering the bread lightly sprinkle the outside with powder sugar and then lay the sandwich on top of shredded cheese on the grill for that extra crunch.

Pesto Grilled Cheese sammich.  Yum!  Recipe calls for you to make homemade pesto, but I go with jarred.

Pesto Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup (The Londoner)

Is there anything better than good, healthy, savory pesto? Can't wait to check out this Pesto Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup recipe from the Londoner

Avocado & Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese by Rachel Schultz

Avocado & goat cheese grilled cheese

"beautiful, healthy & delicious avocado and goat cheese "grilled cheese" aka green grilled cheese. perfect for so many parties, sliced up as appetizers or snacks. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, or any other green themed party or sports team event" yummy!

French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese      1 Yellow Onion      Pinch of Thyme      Pinch of Flour      Salt & Pepper      2-3 Ounces Concentrated Beef Stock (~30 ml in an ounce)      ½-1 Ounce of Sherry      ¾-½ cup Gruyere Cheese      2 Slices of French Bread      Butter

French onion soup grilled cheese - I think I could handle making this!: Love the idea of caramelized onion on a grilled cheese.

Mozzarella, Tomato, Pesto, Grilled Cheese with avocado.

Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

mozzarella, plum tomato, basil pesto grilled cheese sandwich with avocado, sweet corn, kidney bean salad. YUM I would like this sandwich tonight for dinner.

For billy!!! Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Why have I never thought of this! (466)

Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese-- I used spreadable cream cheese, sharp cheddar and jarred jalapenos. It was soooooo good!

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich by Heather Christo, via Flickr

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Heather Christo Lobster Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Heather Christo Original article and pictures t.

Grilled cheese sandwich with bacon

Ina Garten's Ultimate Grilled Cheese