A mongoose peers out of a tube at the zoo in Hanover, Germany on April 6.

A penguin swims through a basin at the zoo in Hanover, Germany on April 6.

The eyes of an Eastern Wolf are seen at the zoo in Hanover, Germany on April 6.

Shutter-happy cherry blossom viewers take pictures of two cats in a tree at Tokyo's Ueno Park on April 6.

Cahaya, a 10-year-old Sumatran orangutan, snuggles her 6-day-old male cub Malou at the zoo in Zurich, Switzerland on April 12.

Mother giraffe, Ingrid, nudges her 4-day-old newborn at the zoo in Budapest, Hungary on April 6.

A toucan is seen at Bao Son Paradise Park in Hanoi, Vietnam on April 16.

A 2-week-old Eastern Bongo calf romps around at Sydney's Taronga Zoo on April 13.

A cat yawns in a flower garden in Duesseldorf, Germany on April 8.

A newborn South American female tapir baby lies next to her mother at the Debrecen Zoo in Budapest, Hungary on April 16. The baby was born on April 15. Her parents came to the zoo in March 2011 as part of a species conservation program.

Two lions rest at a zoo in Warsaw, Poland on April 17

"Busy butterfly - A butterfly perches on a blossoming fruit tree at a park in Beijing, China on April 6. Fruit trees blossom in Beijing as the weather warms signaling the arrival of spring." ~MSN

"Taking a stand - Franzi, a young Mhorr gazelle, stands in its enclosure in the Frankfurt Zoo in Germany on April 5. Franzi was born on Feb 16, 2012." ~MSN

"Gulping gibbon - A zoo keeper feeds a three-month-old white-handed gibbon named "Knuppy" at the zoo in the northern German city of Bremen on April 9. The animals are found in Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand." ~MSN

"Three little bears - Three young bears roam around at the wildlife park in Tripsdrill, Germany on April 10. The female bear cubs are 14 weeks old." ~MSN

"Guten Tag! - A dachshund named 'Rambo' appears a bit cautious at the advance of a green iguana named 'Otto' as they meet at the zoo in Regensburg, Germany on April 4." ~MSN

"Teeny bunny - A rabbit baby (called a 'kit') named Ruediger, sleeps on the hand of a zoo keeper at the zoo in Muenster, Germany on April 4. Ruediger - weighing approximately 2.5 ounces - and his sister Kaline, were orphaned and found in a dung pile at the zoo and are now being raised by zoo keepers." ~MSN

"Sleepy cub - 4-week-old leopard cub, Imoo, yawns at Nyiregyhaza Animal Park in Budapest, Hungary, on April 5. The cub's name means "darkness" in the Swahili language. Imoo’s parents have lived at the zoo since 2007." ~MSN How I feel every morning -_- "I don't wanna go to skewl!"

"Orphaned lemur - A black lemur is fed by a keeper at the Santillana del Mar's Zoo in Spain on April 5. The 20-day-old lemur cub's mother died in childbirth and the orphan is now being cared for by the zoo staff." ~MSN

"Animals in love -- A 2-year-old chimpanzee dotes on a tiny tiger cub at a zoo in Thailand." ~MSN Photos