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Xixi Hu
Xixi Hu • 1 year ago

"I'm priority mail."

  • Dallas W
    Dallas W • 1 year ago


  • Amanda Mac
    Amanda Mac • 1 year ago

    I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.

  • Muffin Hughes
    Muffin Hughes • 1 year ago


  • Big40 Project
    Big40 Project • 1 year ago

    What?!!! No bubble wrap?!

  • Makayla Ray
    Makayla Ray • 1 year ago

    @dallas, no one can make you follow them^^^ you have to click follow to follow them so dont get your panties in a twist jesus! lol

  • Michelle Kung
    Michelle Kung • 1 year ago

    @Makayla Ray Actually, Pinterest apparently can do such a thing. I never chose to follow @Xixi Hu, however her activity continuously shows up on my home page. I've emailed a complaint and even tried following Xixi just so I could subsequently unfollow her. :/ Hopefully this bug will be solved soon by the site staff.

  • Amy MacDonald
    Amy MacDonald • 1 year ago

    Is there seriously Pinterest bullying?! That is so so sad & pathetic.

  • Pegi Johnson
    Pegi Johnson • 1 year ago

    you sure are little puppy

  • Hannah Estes
    Hannah Estes • 1 year ago

    Good to know I'm not the only one with this problem. I've never heard of XiXi and do not want to follow the posts, but apparently I don't have a choice. I NEVER clicked follow and even when I click on her profile it says I'm not following her but ALL if her posts show up in my feed. SO FRUSTRATING! I've also made sure I'm not just subscribed to the individual boards, btw.

  • Marcia Duggan
    Marcia Duggan • 1 year ago

    She also showed up on my page unasked

  • Lindsay Mae
    Lindsay Mae • 1 year ago

    This pinner keeps showing up on my page as well, and I've never heard of this person, nor did I click anything to follow her. No one is trying to bully, it's just getting very frustrating when it keeps happening over and over, even after we've unfollowed her. I suggest the pinner contact Pinterest directly (if she hasn't already) to resolve the issue so we stop seeing posts from a stranger, and she stops getting harassed.

  • Sofia Padilla
    Sofia Padilla • 1 year ago

    i cannot unfollow her either!! here is a link from support that i found hope it helps@Amy MacDonald,@Lindsay Schmelling,@Marcia Duggan,@Hannah Estes@Dallas Guimond@Amanda Mac

  • Sofia Padilla
    Sofia Padilla • 1 year ago

    i cant unfollow her either, i found this link from support, hope it helps https://support.pinterest.c...

  • Sonja Franklin
    Sonja Franklin • 1 year ago

    great animal pics, keeps showing up on my feed also, have unfollowed all boards several times, whats a pinner to do?

  • Sonja Franklin
    Sonja Franklin • 1 year ago

    when I looked at this persons page again the amount of followers is enormous, could this be a glitch on Pinterest's part?

  • Robyn Voorhees
    Robyn Voorhees • 1 year ago

    i wish you people would stop fucking bitching really do think she hacked your account to steal your pins ffs your pins arent that fucking important get over it

  • Robyn Voorhees
    Robyn Voorhees • 1 year ago

    really you people need to get over it you set and bitch about so what ffs if you really want her gone that bad go fucking call pinterest im sure they have a contact number you idiots ffs im sick of you bitching about it

  • Melanie Sumner
    Melanie Sumner • 1 year ago

    We received a cat one day in a mail box. Best farm Cat to have ever had. Named him MailBox.

  • Lindsay Mae
    Lindsay Mae • 1 year ago

    @Robyn Voorhees Stay classy. @Sofia Padilla Thank you for the link! I submitted one for myself and everyone else who is having a problem should do the same. Hopefully this can be resolved for everyone involved, including the pinner, who I'm sure is just as upset by all of this.

  • Dee Kendall
    Dee Kendall • 1 year ago

    @ Robyn. You actually eat with that disgusting mouth? Get a grip chick.

  • Xixi Hu
    Xixi Hu • 1 year ago

    All: Any "automatic viewership" is unintended. I have also emailed Pinterest myself. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to continue emailing the Pinterest support team to remove this bug. (The link above is helpful.) Thanks, all.

  • Robyn Voorhees
    Robyn Voorhees • 1 year ago

    yes i do eat with that but im sick of listening to you whiny babys crying cause you think this person hacked your account why would anyone hack a pinterest account come on people shut the hell up already

  • Makayla Ray
    Makayla Ray • 1 year ago

    @Michelle Kung, wasnt trying to bully her, i was saying that this person cannot MAKE her follow her. I was not aware of any pintrest glitch, but my point was that somecant cant force you to follow them. Now pintrest on the other hand, its a glitch on their part, not this individual person. I was telling her to calm her jets cuz she was being pretty redic about it lol

  • Nancy Flynn-Fleigle
    Nancy Flynn-Fleigle • 1 year ago

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Wow so funny!!!!

  • Kristin Kunkle
    Kristin Kunkle • 1 year ago

    Love this! My lil corgi worgi looked like that once