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  • Melanie Siganos

    Learning "Cursive" writing...I'm in Minnesota & they have decided to do away with teaching kids how to write in cursive! Noting, it's no longer necessary for term papers, etc. as the computer has taken it's place. Ok...... GENUISES...who will be able to read our historic documents a hundred yeara from now?????

  • Lori Jean

    Learning "Cursive" writing -Practice, practice, practice... still not perfect; however, unlike children in school today, I can read write cursive.

  • Huntan Peck

    Learning cursive handwriting. Now it's almost a lost art.

  • Lori Padgett

    Cursive Writing ~ Childhood Memories

  • Terrie True

    When I was in school, we learned cursive writing this way. Now it's almost a lost art. "Penmanship" was actually a subject that you practiced in elementary school.

  • Janet Pfeffer Arndt

    Learning "Cursive" writing! I remember my hand cramping from writing a new letter each day at least 100 times. My 2nd grade teacher was a hard-ass, but I learned to have neat penmanship.

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Learning "Cursive" writing! I am pretty sure that this is the exact style of cursive that I learned.

Label Maker. I still have my dad's and all the unused tape from the 70s

Back when they used to teach cursive writing in school. Very hard to get an A....But I usually did. Teachers were very hard on kids. As well as my Mother.

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Old School:) HA HA sometimes I feel like I've been to this old school lol

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The carefree days of youth - school uniforms, shared desks with inkwells. Not that long ago - yet a lifetime ago :)