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Mammatus Clouds

Aquaria Grande apartment complex in Mumbai, India

Michael Wolber and April Hartley were all ready for their wedding. The ceremony was scheduled for Saturday in Bend, Oregon – but before they could walk down the aisle, brush fires about six miles away churned into a giant wildfire.

Michael Wolber and April Hartley were all ready for their wedding. The ceremony was scheduled for Saturday in Bend, Oregon – but before they could walk down the aisle, brush fires about six miles away churned into a giant wildfire.

Michael Wolber and April Hartley were all ready for their wedding. The ceremony was scheduled for Saturday in Bend, Oregon – but before t...

Air stewardess finally brings home three adopted daughters from Guatemala SEVEN YEARS after she met them in orphanage Suann Hibbs met her daughters in 2008, but when the Guatemalan government cut back on foreign adoptions the family were left in legal limbo. It took seven years, 30 trips abroad and a lot of help from Senator Amy Klobuchar before officials finally allowed Ms Hibbs to take the three sisters home last week.

Baker creates 28-pound, life-size model cake of 4-year-old for his birthday Alfie Rose has met his a cake clone! British baker Lara Clarke created the incredible piece of confectionary using 12 tiers of sponge coated with chocolate and buttercream icing, before finishing it off with edible food coloring.

Chinese police bust four major baby trafficking rings rescuing 382 abducted infants and arresting nearly 2,000 suspects China's Public Security Ministry launched the nationwide crackdown. Targeted suspects connected to four websites, disguised as adoption sites. There were 382 infants rescued and 1,094 suspects arrested. Trafficking children is a major problem in the country where strict laws dictate parents are only allowed to have one child.

Sarah and Andy Justice who adopted triplets became pregnant with twins after thinking they could not have a baby. They struggled with conceiving and IVF was too expensive so they settled on adoption. When the triplets were eight months old, Sarah delivered twins, bringing their number of children from zero to five in less than a year. The family goes through 300 diapers a week, all so far have been donated.

A Houston, Texas mother grieves after 4-year-old daughter is killed in crash on Highway 242 A woman is sharing her heart wrenching story of losing her young daughter in an awful traffic accident on Highway 242. “You feel dead inside,” said Kaaona Montgomery. The 21-year-old mother said she can’t erase the moments after the deadly crash that killed her 4-year-old child Kalana.

McDonough, Georgia couple welcomes 15th child A Henry County family welcomed their 15th child this weekend. LaChelle Adkins of McDonough, Ga., gave birth to her 15th child on Saturday. Hope Monique is the youngest of the group, which include two other children previously fathered by husband Jerome. LaChelle has spent the better part of the past two decades either pregnant or nursing.

New Jersey is in a pickle as a rule of the high seas shuts off the flow of salt to keep roads clear. State officials are now being forced to turn to a briny pickle juice-like mixture as an alternative to de-ice the roads, while racing to get a federal waiver that is currently holding up a 40,000-ton shipment of rock salt. The salt is sitting at a port in Maine, docked until New Jersey officials obtain a federal waiver.

A gas cloud named G2 is about to collide with Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. A simulation shows how the cloud might be stretched and torn apart.

Birthday surprise as Mississippi mom delivers rare set of quads Kimberly Fugate wasn’t planning on having another baby. Finding out she was pregnant was enough of a shock, but when the Jayess native went to her first prenatal appointment in November 2013, she found out a few more surprises were on the way. Triplets, to be exact.

Richmond, Virginia Police Officer’s Good Deed Goes Viral On Tuesday morning, the Richmond Police Department posted a photo on its Facebook page that a citizen had tweeted on Saturday. The image shows First Precinct Officer Jordan Clark pushing a man in his wheelchair. According to RPD, Officer Clark received a call about a man in need of assistance after his wheelchair battery died.

'Ghost baby' born without blood in California At the birth of their first child, new parents may not always know what to expect. But one Fountain Valley couple was not prepared for what happened when their daughter was born. She came into the world with a feature some might call "ghostly." The day 6-week-old Hope Juarez entered the world, she was as white as a ghost. When doctors brought her to draw blood, they could barely get a drop.

Ohio Man Buried Riding His Harley-Davidson Motorcycle The family of Billy Standley, of Mechanicsburg, Ohio, carried out his wish to be buried on his 1967 Harley Davidson motorcycle Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, burying him in a large Plexiglas casket at Fairview Cemetery in Crawford County, Ohio.

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Pacific castaway, Jose Salvador Albarengo, arrives back in civilization The castaway told US ambassador Thomas Armbruster, who was acting as an interpreter for Marshall Islands authorities, that he was originally from El Salvador but had been living in Mexico for 15 years before his epic voyage. "He said he is a shrimp and shark fisherman," Armbruster said Monday in Majuro minutes after talking to him. "He looked better than one would expect."

'I've found Mike!' Suicidal man whose life was saved by a stranger six years ago is reunited with him after global Twitter campaign #FindMike Jonny Benjamin was going to jump off Waterloo Bridge in 2008 This week the 26-year-old was reunited with the person who saved his life Neil Laybourn, 31, from Surrey, persuaded Mr Benjamin not to jump

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Castaway Man Washed Up On Marshall Islands Drank Turtle Blood To Survive For 16 Months At Sea With matted long hair and beard and dressed only in a pair of ragged underpants, the Spanish-speaking man told anthropologists who found him that he left his native Mexico in September 2012 with a companion, who died at sea, according to AFP. He had been heading for El Salvador.

Take One Guess What Government Did After Reading 11-Year-Old Cupcake Entrepreneur’s Inspiring Success Story Unfortunately, officials with the Madison County Health Department also read the story on Stirling’s cupcake business. The local government officials then decided there was only one reasonable response: Shut her down. The health department informed the Stirling family that the 11-year-old girl can no longer sell cupcakes because she doesn’t have the required permit.

Internet cracks grandmother's 18-year-old prayer code in minutes When a brain tumor took away Dorothy Holm's ability to speak, she picked up index cards and began filling them, edge to edge, with seemingly random, indecipherable sequences of letters. Her grandchildren saw her scribbling and thought she was leaving them a code – but it was one they couldn't crack. In just 13 minutes, an user figured out that as Dorothy Holm was dying, she was writing out prayers.

'I sleep with one eye open': Woman, 37, who was 'raped by pizza delivery boy, 16, as her daughter slept beside her' opens up about the horrific attack she says ruined her life. Cesar Lucas, now 17, is accused of sexually assaulting 35-year-old former actress Kia Graves as she slept in her Manhattan apartment in 2012. Graves says she was raped beside her sleeping 7-year-old daughter. Graves has been unable to work, spends her days in fear and has been plagued by nightmares.