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i really like the text wrap around the word press. i also like that there are two different fonts used in this graphic. It makes each word stand out individually.

Paris - New Typeface by Moshik Nadav. A beautiful decorative serif font. Unique ampersand. Love the pretty detailing of how each arm, shoulder, terminal, bowl, descender, etc. are connected - does something interesting to the white space.

Image Spark - Image tagged "typography", "layout", "book" - ImaginaryDesign:

ECHO, echo echo, Stylelist.ED, stylelistED, Eva Vaughan, typography, type, logo, font, graphic design, minimal, layout.

Editorial - Caps vs Small Caps - Notice: - Different caps are used because it is a title (used for stylistic purposes) - Same typeface throughout - Different type styles (some italic, others regular) - Center in the page - Good spacing away from the body text