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from Oddee

9 Creative & Heartwarming Ideas for Helping the Homeless

The ONG who created a pop up store for people to donate clothes to the homeless

Or the people I share my life with! You may think you know it all, the whole story, but 90% of the time you're just flapping your gums about something you know NOTHING about! You won't like what I have to say about you! And the major difference... What I have to say is true!

from The WHOot

Clay Pot Turtles Are An Easy Diy You'll Love

Schildkröten für den Garten....auch als Podest zu verwenden. Gebastelt aus Topf -Untersetzern.

from Trend To Wear

30+ Inspirational Quotes For The Women Who Are Strong At Heart

I've never met a strong person with an easy past.

from Just Imagine - Daily Dose of Creativity

If they could only tell their stories

What they might see after they leave the silos.