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Cute polar bear cub gets a lift in set of heartwarming images

David Jenkins has spent 10 years documenting the bond between mother polar bears and their newborn cubs

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Elephant Picture – Animal Wallpaper - National Geographic Photo of the Day

Elephants, Namibia

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Grizzle Bear Cubs Photo, Animals Wallpaper - National Geographic Photo of the Day

love is universal

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Hidden Alaska Photos

Brooks Falls Photograph by Michael Melford Although brown bears are normally solitary creatures, they congregate at places like Brooks Falls in the summer to catch and eat spawning salmon. From the National Geographic book Hidden Alaska

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Polar bears survived previous ice thaw... but they won't be so lucky this time, warn experts

Polar bear with cubs in Svalbard Archipelago, Norway

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polar bear sleeping...

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Adorable baby bears refuse to be left behind as their mother goes for a swim

He saved them by showing a great effort to save the children who can not swim

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Iceland Picture – Animal Photo - National Geographic Photo of the Day

Reminds me of my Shetland when I was a child.

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African Wild Dogs, African Wild Dog Pictures, African Wild Dog Facts

Not your average canine... African wild dogs travel in packs, have only 4 toes and have been known to share food and to assist weak or ill members. national geographic

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Grizzly Bear Picture -- Yukon Photo -- National Geographic Photo of the Day

Winter Layers Photograph by Paul Nicklen, National Geographic Having gorged on salmon to lay on fat for hibernation, a grizzly bear wears a coat of ice in Canada’s Yukon. See more pictures from the February 2014 feature story “Yukon: Canada’s Wild West.”

Africa | 'Makulu Mfasi' Lioness with her cubs drinking. Entabeni Game Reserve, South Africa | © M Sole on