Beachy Stripes!

A trio of lovely gals enjoying a wonderful day at the beach, 1940's ::

cold chillin on a hot summer day.


catching sun

Why don't people wear updos at the beach #summer picnic #prepare for picnic #company picnic

Beach glamour

Cesenatico, 1960. Erich Lessing/Magnum

Beach in style

1950s Vintage Dress

1950s Stripes/ Photo by Nina Leen


on the beach


1950s beachy


50's fashion

1920's beach

I liked the swimsuits they had back then way more than the skanky skimpy ones they have now

1950's Winners of the Miss Pacific Beauty Pageant Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. Inspiration for the beauty pageant in Of thee I sing (Oct 2008)