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Made by Dad...*This is even more spectacular when viewed slowly with a magnifying glass. What a loving tribute to his son.

  • Kelly Dube

    just soo sad he lost his son...(

  • Kelly Dube

    very cool tribute...

  • Elizabeth Touchette


"Never take life too seriously.... Nobody gets out alive anyway"~♛

The Goddess Maat is the Egyptian Goddess of Truth. She represents the ideals of law, order, and truth. The word, Maat translates as "that which is straight," it implies anything that is true, ordered, or balanced. She was the female counterpart of Thoth, "The Great Measure. Maat plays an important part in the Book of the Dead. It is in the Hall of Maat the judgement of the dead was performed. This was done by weighing one's heart (conscience) against the feather of Maat. If a balance was stru...

  • Rachel B. Demented

    this is a beautiful picture, however it might be noted that Maat's feather was an ostrich feather, so chosen as her symbol because unlike many bird's feathers, it is equal on both sides of the stem.

  • Elisabeth Read-van't Veer

    Thank you Nathan and Rachel for the info. I was just reading about Goddess Maat last week. Rev 6:5: "And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand." Evidently, correct/wrong?, there is a school of thought that attributes this to the Goddess Maat. To others it will sound far fetched but then again, the bible is also hard to swallow.

Polynesis never got a headstone and not even a proper burial. Creon made a law that stated punishment will come to those who honor his death.

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The Emerald Tablet - Thought to be the earliest recording of human awareness of the law of attraction.

Shakti, meaning sacred force or empowerment, is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe. Shakti is the concept, or personification, of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as 'The Great Divine Mother' in Hinduism. On the earthly plane, Shakti most actively manifests through female embodiment and creativity/fertility, though it is also it is also present in males in its potential, unmanifest form.