• Nancy Johnson

    Clever Little Button Hair Tie fun bottons can be purchased in all sorts of designs and usually in sets , hearts, animals , flowers & more would looke so cute in a little girls hair or jeweled buttons in an array of colors for womens hair ,a lovely & vry marketable little idea ....going to do this myself . What a cute idea!!!

  • Bryony Brown

    Bryony Brown- Dreampatch. Little Button Hair Tie. I am always looking for pretty hair ties, so I think this is a perfect way to accessorise your hair without having to pay an expense. Due to most hair accessories being rather expensive if you want to get a good quality and pretty design!

  • Kim Buero/ Shoaf

    DIY hairties. Fabric covered button kit with a hair tie... fantastic idea!

  • Carlene Thompson

    Fabric Covered Button Hair Ties. Saving for someday when one of us has enough hair for embellished ponytail holders.

  • Gayle Cox

    Clever Little Button Hair Tie (I use a bobby pin and just slide it in at the top of my pony tail. Love my vintage bling buttons for this.)

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