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  • Shandi Ilyse

    The Mad Man and His Blue Box.

  • Penny McMurtrie

    The Doctor and the TARDIS *Sexy*

  • Cynthia Webb

    I just wanted to say hello, Doctor Who, Matt Smith This is my favorite episode. :)

  • Ashley Jackson

    "You're going to steal ME! No, you HAVE stolen me. You ARE stealing me. Oh! Tenses ARE difficult, aren't they?" - Idris in Doctor Who, "The Doctor's Wife." One of my favorite episodes, written by Neil Gaiman, my favorite author.

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Plus they appeared together in a mini-sode where the 10th Doctor revealed that the 5th Doctor was his favourite growing up. Mind blowing.

hilarious, though, of course these words are of the creator of this doubt.

"I wanted to see the Universe, so I stole a Time Lord and ran away." What I wouldn't give to steal myself a Time Lord and run away... :)

11 I miss him so much he was my favorite doctor he was funny and the best I loved him matt smith I will miss you saying bow ties are cool you were my first doctor and always will be

"If I didn't know better, I'd call him suave." <---Yeah he probably fell over right after this.

The Doctor's Wife. One more reason to love Neil Gaiman.

Time Lord Lightbulb Moment<--BEST DESCRIPTION EVER. Repinning just for that.

Doctor Who:All of creation has just been wiped from the sky; your girlfriend isn't more important. Rory: (punches the Doctor) She is to me.(and guards her for 2,000 years) sigh

welcome to the doctor who fandom. please leave your logic at the door Also, be prepared for the feels.

I seriously think this every time the beast changes! It looks exactly like a regeneration!!

Doctor Who Poster: The Girl in the Fireplace - 11x17 Science Fiction Art Print. $18.00, via Etsy.